Carers Victoria Enterprise Agreement

Carers Victoria Enterprise Agreement: A Comprehensive Overview

Carers Victoria is a non-profit organization that provides support and assistance to caregivers across Victoria. The organization is committed to improving the lives of carers and their families by providing resources and services to meet their needs. The Carers Victoria Enterprise Agreement is an essential document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for Carers Victoria employees.

The Enterprise Agreement is a legally binding agreement between Carers Victoria and its employees, which sets out the terms and conditions of employment, including wages, leave entitlements, and other benefits. The document is negotiated between the organization and its employees or their representatives, typically a union, and is approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The Carers Victoria Enterprise Agreement is structured to provide a fair and equitable framework for the employment of Carers Victoria workers. As a professional, it is my responsibility to provide a comprehensive overview of the document`s key features and benefits.


The Enterprise Agreement provides a minimum wage rate that is higher than the national minimum wage. The minimum hourly rate is adjusted every year, and employees receive regular pay increases based on their experience and performance.

Leave entitlements

The Enterprise Agreement provides comprehensive leave arrangements, including annual leave, personal leave, compassionate leave, and parental leave. Employees are entitled to four weeks of annual leave, ten days of personal leave, and two days of compassionate leave per year. Parental leave is also available to both mothers and fathers, and the organization provides additional support for carers of children with disabilities.

Flexible working arrangements

Carers Victoria recognizes that its employees may have responsibilities outside of work, including care responsibilities. The organization provides flexible working arrangements to enable employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities. This includes part-time work, job sharing, and working from home arrangements.

Training and development opportunities

Carers Victoria is committed to the professional development of its employees. The organization provides various training and development opportunities, including on-the-job training, access to industry conferences and seminars, and support for formal qualifications.


The Carers Victoria Enterprise Agreement provides a comprehensive framework for the employment of Carers Victoria employees. The document is designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment for employees, including wages, leave entitlements, and flexible working arrangements. As a professional, it is crucial to understand the key features and benefits of this document to provide accurate and informative content for readers.